2013 New Hair Colors

It is universal truth that new hair color can liven up even the most boring and dull hair in a flash. This brief gallery of 2013 new hair colors offer you to add sophistication and glamour to your hair.

If you have already got new haircut it is time to spice up your image with brand new hair color that will turn your hairstyle into a dazzling style statement. This post will help you to stay on trend with the newest hair colors as well as hair dyeing techniques. If you are one of those girls who do not like experimenting with vibrant shades, you can choose from these subtle tones that are natural yet so elegant and sexy.

blond hair colorblond hair color 2013

Blonde hair color

Lighten up your look with natural shade of blonde like golden, sandy or dirty blonde hair color. Go for block coloring or combine two and more shades of blonde to create magnetic look. Do not forget to use shampoo and color protective products for blonde hair in order to keep hairstyle in perfect condition.

Brunette hair color Brunette hair color 2013

Brunette hair color

If you want to stay away form dramatic changes, you can opt for brown or brunette hair color that will breathe life to your tresses and give them healthy look.

Red hair colorRed hair

Red hair color

Ladies who want to break the monotony and stand out in a crowd choose red color and this is the reason that this shade never goes out of the fashion. No matter you choose natural or vibrant tone of red you will have show stopping look. Bright shades of red will add modern vibe to your look while natural tones like ginger or copper will add angelic twist to your image.

Black hair 2013Black hair

Black hair

Bring out your dark side with scene-stealing black hair color. Vampy black will be perfectly suitable for punk and emo styles and ladies who do not shy away from dramatic look.



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