hair color trends 2013

New Short Blonde Haircuts

Tired of your casual and boring hairstyle? If so, go for total makeover changing not only haircut but also hair color. Changes in image will of course make radical changes in your life and I am sure that you will fall in love with your new image.

Which is A style that will solve your beauty dilemma? This selection of new short blonde haircuts will help you to make a right decision for you.

Jennie Garth Short Blonde Hairstyle


Short blonde hairstyle is the best option to break plain look of your hairstyle. Furthermore, short blonde hair will make you feel confident and ready to conquer the world. There are infinite short haircuts to choose from and you will have no difficulties when choosing suitable one for you.

As the buzzword of new season is versatility and texture, you can create trendy look by opting for choppy layered pixie or layered short haircut. Both styles will look simply fantastic on platinum and icy blonde hair color.

Short Blonde HaircutsShort Blonde Haircut ideas

Undercut hairstyle has been upgraded with modern details like asymmetric layers and vibrant highlights. Recently celebs more often choose undercut style that is perfect complement to punk image so if you like alternative hairstyles, you should definitely choose undercut style. Again, platinum blonde with gray or blue undertone will be finishing touch to your brand new haircut.

2013 Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde color has made huge comeback and now is uber popular among women who love to stay in the limelight. You can also turn your hairstyle into a real accessory if you opt for smashing blonde hair color.

Wide palette of blonde colors is so fantastic and every single shade can totally transform your look. When it comes popular blonde shades of coming season, I must say that new season is all about sexy hairstyles so let’s consider the hottest shades of blonde that will inspire you for next re-style.

Blonde hair tonesBlonde hair tones ideas

When talking about sexy shades of blonde, first one to be mentioned is platinum blonde shade that is the most beloved color of celebs. Platinum blonde has several undertones like gray or pink and your choice will mainly depend on your skin tone. If you have gray hair you can opt for platinum blonde with gray undertone that will beautifully hide gray hair.

Blonde hair tones for 2013wavy_hair

Another fabulous shade of blonde that will breathe life to your tresses is caramel blonde. This color will spice up your look with sexy twist. You can also combine several shades of blonde for more dramatic look.

2012 Hot Hair Color Ideas

New season has brought amazing palette of new colors that are meant to turn any single hairstyle into a piece of art. From the subtle shades to the boldest color combos these hair colors will jazz up your look. Skim through brief gallery of 2013 innovative hair colors and dram some inspiration for your beautiful makeover.

If you have chosen modern haircut, your image will be incomplete without brand new hair color so never miss your chance to stand out in a crowd with your hot style and pick one of these hard -to-resist hair colors.


Dare to go a bit bolder and wear vibrant color. Block coloring is the one that will totally transform your look, however not everyone can feel comfortable wearing such nontraditional hairstyle. In this case hair highlighting will come to rescue.


If you are not afraid of mixing colors you can choose shades totally contrasting with each other. Great variety of bright colors like atomic pink, green, electric blue, orange yellow and purple will surely break the monotony and spice up your look with joyful colors.

Those who are not ready for drastic changes can opt for ombre hair color that is going to be popular next season. Trendy lowlights will also provide you with elegant yet sexy and attractive style. 

2013 Fiery Hair Color Ideas

Spice up coming winter days with fiery hair color that will not let cold weather spoil your mood. These examples of 2013 fiery hair colors will guide you to a new world of vibrant shades and amazing color combos so stop blending in the crowd with dull hairstyle and go glam with fiery hair color.

dark_red_hair color

Recently many celebs as well as style conscious women try fiery hair colors and if you are in need of inspiration, you can check out latest runway shows and red carpet events and find the best style for your next hot session.

If you think that block colored hair will look edgy, you can opt for fiery hair highlights that will breathe life to your tresses without making dramatic changes. Here are some ideas of fiery colors that are going to be trendy next season.

Stylish Hair Colors for Winter 2013

Get ready for new season with new haircut and hair color to break the monotony. Sticking to a same shade for a long time can do a bad thing to for you. Therefore, it is time to change your natural tone and experiment with brand new shades.

Stylish Hair Color for Winter 2013

Draw some inspiration from these examples of stylish hair colors for winter 2013 that include warm and subtle tones to glam up your look. From great variety of available colors you will easily find the one that will satisfy all your criteria. 

Modern Hair Highlights Ideas 2013

Hair gurus love versatility and that’s why they have created numerous hairstyles and haircuts for new season. If you are ready for dramatic transformation, visit hair salon and ask pro stylist to grant you with the trendiest haircut. Even if you have got new haircut, your image will be incomplete without new hair color.

Modern Hair Highlights Ideas 2013

Gorgeous hair highlights 2013

One tone hair color is no longer trendy, instead, multi tone hair color will be amazing complement to your brand new haircut. Coming season offers you chic parade of vibrant hair colors as well as subtle shades for beautiful makeover. Break the monotony with amazing color combo and become a real trendsetter with your modern hairstyle.

Hair Highlights 2013

hair highlights 2013

Here are some creative ideas of modern hair highlights 2013 that will surely inspire you for your next hot session.

Fall Hair Highlights Ideas

Go glam with two tone hair color that will help you to break the monotony in a flash. Your stylish haircut will be incomplete without new hair color so I offer you not to stuck in a rut and become a real beauty icon with totally new image. The following examples of fall hair highlights will be perfect inspiration who are looking for new image for coming fall.

Bold Hair Highlight

Experiment with great variety of vibrant colors to see whether you are bold enough to wear the hottest hairstyle of new season. Upgrade your boring one tone hair color with a new tone to bring out individuality. Vivid and bright colors when combined with the base tone will create jaw dropping impression.

Fall Hair highlights

Multi tone hair color is the buzzword of new season so go bolder and experiment with two and more shades. Hair dyeing industry has so many products to offer you that you will not have problems when choosing proper color for you. Furthermore, pro colorist will show who the latest trends of hair highlighting like paneling, dip dyeing or chunky highlighting that will be amazing complement to any stylish haircut.

When it comes to hair highlights colors, pro hair gurus offer you to experiment with the boldest shades that will give modern and futuristic touch to your image. Neon shades of pink, blue, green, as well as fruity colors like orange and yellow will spice up your look.

Funky Short Hairstyles & Hair Color

Short hairstyle will look even more jaw dropping when combined with dazzling hair color. If you are ready for total makeover, you should first consider new haircut and find the most flattering shade for it.

Thanks to modern haircutting and hair dyeing techniques you will be able to fulfil even the craziest idea. All you need to do is to get ready to break all the patterns and norms with your brand new do. Here are some funky short hairstyles and hair color ideas that will inspire you for your makeover.

funky short haircut and color

If you have chosen cute short bob haircut, you can complete it with natural color like brown or dark blonde that will be in harmony with your image. For bolder look you can opt for intense shade like fiery red or cool tones of blonde. The only thing to keep in mind is that the chosen hair color should be suitable for skin tone and eye color.

Trendy hair colors for short hair 01

If you have chosen sexy short pixie or super short crop cut hair, you will be offered great variety of vivid shades to spice up your look. More often short haircut is combined with blonde color. Actually this is the sexiest image of all times and you will surely stay in the limelight with similar do. Those who have got choppy layered pixie or asymmetric short haircut should definitely opt for multi tone hair color. Dip dyeing, chunky highlighting and paneling will be just perfect for short layered haircut.