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Hair Highlights Ideas for 2013

Turn on your charms and emphasize your vampy nature with brand new hair color. Take into consideration the following examples of hair highlights ideas for 2013 and get ready for drastic makeover.

Sizzling multi tone hairstyle is the best trick to break the monotony. You will be able to bring out your adventurer side with modern haircut and hair color. Experiment with wide palette of colors until you find the most flattering one for you.

Red Medium HairstylesRed Hair Color

Cute Hair Highlights Ideas 01Hair Highlights Ideas

Hair perm is the easiest way to change your image. Still, hair permanent is a serious decision and you should be a 100% sure about the chosen color. If you doubt whether you can maintain new hair color or not, you can go for semi-permanent that will give you a chance to experiment with different shades without damaging hair. 

Multi-tone Emo Hair Colors

Emo hairstyle is meant to highlight your inner world and attitude to reality and that’s why it is all about extreme haircuts and vibrant hair colors. Emo hairstyle is definitely not the one to create romantic and angelic look so if you are not of that character you should stay away from experimenting with emo hairstyle.

Emo hair color Multi-tone Emo Hair Colors

Edgy haircut is not the only condition of having emo style. Multi-tone emo hair color ideas will show you a new realm of hair shades and color combos that will complete your image with futuristic twist. If you are ready to take next step to success, you should be ready for experimenting with vibrant and bold colors.

Multi-tone Emo Hair Colors 2013Emo hair color2013

Hair color tells much about personality and lifestyle so before going for changes make sure that the chosen color is perfectly suitable for you. For smashing hairstyle I advise you to ask the help of pro hair colorist who will grant you with the hottest emo hairstyle.

Wide palette of bright colors include nontraditional shades that may seem to you really edgy, however once you create multi-tone emo hair color you will fall in love with your brand new image. For breathtaking look place the tinted strands on the upper layers or on the bang.

2013 Hair Color Trends

Switch the things up with brand new hair color that will turn you into real beauty icon. Look through wide palette of hair colors and find the most flattering shade for you personality. Do not shy away from dramatic makeover because new season is screaming for bold changes. The following selection of 2013 hair colors will be a piece of inspiration for you.

ash blonde hair colorred hair color 2013

2013 red hair color brown hair color 2013

Revamp your already smashing hairstyle with dazzling hair color that will make heads turn. Modern hair dyeing techniques will give you a chance to fulfil any bold idea so all you need is to be creative and ready for changes. From fairy blonds to intense reds 2013 hair color trends will complete any complexion and personality. For better result turn to pro hair colorist who will grant you with ultra-hot color without damaging hair.

Hair Color 2013Glamorous Hair Color Ideas 2013

Glamorous Hair Color Ideas

blonde hair color 2013

Most popular hair colors of new season are rich brown shades that are suitable for all skin tones. Brown hair color is more often combined with lighter hair highlights that add extra volume and definition to hair. Draw attention to your eyes with dark brunette and be sure you will be noticed.

If you are a true adventurer and are looking for new ways to highlight your individuality, take a look at these examples of red hair colors that will brighten up your look in a flash. Rich pigments of red color loose intensity faster than any other color so if you have made up your mind to go red, make sure you have high class color protective formulas on hand.

Bold Hair Color 2013Bold Hair Color

Add modern and sexy vibe to your look with blonde hair color. New season hair colors include both natural sun-kissed tones and cooler shades of blonde so no matter which one you choose, you will have stunning look. If you are more about alternative hairstyles, you can complete blonde color with contrastive shades that will add modern and hippie vibe to your image.

Winter Hair Color Ideas

Enter the new season with brand new haircut and hairstyle that will transform your casual look. Grab attention with your luscious hair color and make real style statement with your new image. These winter hair color ideas will be a perfect source of inspiration for you so look through this brief gallery and pick the best one for next beauty session.

Fabulous Hair Color IdeasFabulous Hair Color Ideas blonde shades

The new season hairstyles trends include dazzling hair colors for any personality. You will be able to find the most flattering shade from great variety of available shades. If you consider yourself style conscious, you will not need anybody’s advice, still if you doubt which color will be more suitable for you, ask for the help of pro colorist.

Let your imagination lead you to a new world of hair colors with bright and joyful shades. Warm up cold winter days with vibrant red, hot chocolate brown, golden blonde or mysterious black.

Hair Color IdeasWinter Hair Color Ideas

New season hairstyles trend is a mixture of naturalness and edginess. This is great because no matter you choose subtle or vibrant hair color, you will look equally stunning. If you have subtle hair color you can easily vamp up your look by adding few bright hair highlights. Few strands of red, blue or orange will enrich your locks with unimaginable texture and style. Go for stylish lowlights and paneling to make your hairstyle even more dramatic or simply spread thin highlights all over hair.

Innovative Hair Color Ideas

Plunge into a new realm of hair colors with these innovative hair color ideas. Kiss goodbye to casual and boring hairstyle and go bold with bright hair color. Emphasize your bold and adventurer side with bold and nontraditional style that will keep all eyes on you.

Switch the things up with simple detail and turn your hairstyle into a real style statement. Never shy away from changes, because changes in style will soon bring to changes in life. You should only be a 100% sure that you can maintain such bold style.

Bold Hair Color Ideasbold_color

Gorgeous Bold Hair Color IdeasBrillian Hair Color Ideas

Bold hair color will help you to boost your confidence. Thanks to great variety of innovative hair colors you will easily find the most flattering one that will help you to fulfil even the boldest idea. Edgy shades like atomic pink, blue, bright orange, red, purple and many other bright colors will inspire you to inject drama into your image.

2013 Modern Hair Colors

Do not shy away of plunging into a new reality of hair colors that will help you to break all the patterns and norms. New season has brought amazing ideas of modern and vibrant hair colors for strong personalities so if you are the lover of alternative hairstyle, you should definitely check out this fantastic selection of 2013 modern hair colors.

vivid hair colororange_hair_color

I have put together all the hottest hair colors of new season and no matter which one you choose it will underline your personality in the best way. Get ready for total makeover, add a splash of bright color and see the amazing transformation of your boring image.

hair colorbold_hair_color

Red hair color is still on trend. Furthermore, the misconception that red color is suitable only for fair complexion is not working anymore. So if you have tanned complexion do not think twice and opt for the boldest shade of red. One thing to keep in mind is that red hair color is of high maintenance and you should pay much attention on hair care.

Chunky Hair Highlighting

Get an original and eye catching look with chunky hair highlights that are meant to break the monotony of your hairstyle. Update your already smashing haircut with bold highlighting that will keep all eyes on you.

There isn’t better way to emphasize your individuality and unique beauty than multi tone hair coloring. Moreover, thanks to modern hair dyeing techniques any unimaginable color combo can be created so do not be afraid of experimenting with different hair highlights.

chunky highlightsThick-Highlights-Ideas

Thick Highlights Ideas 2013chunky hair highlighting

There are numerous styles of highlights from natural to bolder designs for any taste and preference. Chunky hair highlighting is A style that will never go out of the fashion. This design is perfect option for girls who want to create alternative style. Depending on the image you want to create, you can choose vibrant highlight color that will be contrastive with the base tone or choose subtle shade that will be in harmony with natural hair. Here are some amazing chunky highlighting ideas that will inspire you for beautiful makeover.

hair Highlights Ideas

hair styles for 2013

Chunky highlighting will be perfectly suitable for choppy layered hairstyle as it will make layers more visible. Thick highlighted strands spread all over hair will add extra movement and volume to hair. This is fabulous option for ladies with thin fine locks.

There are also another styles of chunky highlights that will add modern vibe to your image. Styles like paneling and dip dyeing are all about glamour and style. Again, bright and nontraditional colors will be more suitable for such style of highlighting.

Colored Hair Highlights 2013

Reinvent your hairstyle for coming season with these colored hair highlights for 2013. Switch the things up with neon colors and turn your boring hairstyle into a real masterpiece. This year stylists offer you to leave behind ordinary shades and go for fiery tones that will add fantastic texture to your tresses.

Stay in touch with the latest hairstyles trends with these amazing examples of multi tone hair colors. All these styles are meant to boost your confidence and strong individuality. If you think that such bold design will not be suitable for you, you can take things slower and limit yourself to subtle highlights close to the base tone. On the other hand, if you are more of adventurer side, you can break all the patters and norms with bright hair color.

Colored Hair Highlights 2013Hair Highlights Ideas

Monotony can look boring and rather casual, while colored hair highlights will help you to create head-turning style. When it comes to highlights colors, pro colorist will offer you wide variety of shades from popular red, blonde and black to more extravagant atomic pink, blue, violet and purple. You are free to choose the wildest design of highlights.

Purple Hair HighlightsModern Hair Highlights Ideas

The guarantee of 100% flawless style will be only pro colorist who will grant you with desired style. Do not even think about experimenting for your own, otherwise you will face serious hair disasters. Still, if you are not ready to spend money in hair salon, you can use semi-permanent hair dyeing product that will not damage hair. If you liked the idea of having nontraditional and bold look, plunge into a new reality of hair colors.