hair color trends 2013

Blonde Hair Colors 2013

Fairy blondes rule the world and no matter how hard brunettes try to prove that it is not right, blondes still dominate. Sex symbols of all times were blondes and till now blondies continue conquering our hearts. The reason why I began my post with history facts is because I totally understand how hard is to make up mind and go blonde especially if you have dark hair. Natural blondes can do nothing but enjoy all the benefits of natural hair color but those who wish to be blonde need to go through tricky and a bit dangerous process.

gold-blonde-hair-color 2013 golden-blonde-hair-color

Blonde hair color is of high maintenance and it is not so easy to find perfect shade for skin tone. Still, thanks to wide variety of shades you will be able to find perfect option. For 2013 stylists introduced list of trendy blonde shades so hurry up to check it out and choose the one for your radical transformation.

Beach Blonde Hairstyles 2013

At last cold winter days are gone and everyone is ready for hot summer, pool and beach parties. Of course every woman wants to look sexy and attractive so here are some ideas how to have flawless look during summer.

As we are talking about hairstyles, I will show you some fantastic summer hairstyles 2013.

Beach Blonde Hairstyles 2013Beach Blonde Hairstyles

The main problem of summer hairstyle is dull faded color. Due to sun rays and salt water, color fades very quickly. Even if you have natural hair color, hair will become dull and lifeless. In order to stay away from such hair disasters you should first of all choose subtle color for summer. Color changes is of course great but bright and rich pigmented color will only make things worse because such color fades quickly and makes hair look unhealthy.

Chocolate Brown Hair Colors 2013

The palette of 2013 hair colors includes so many dazzling colors and color combinations for any taste and preference. Stylists offer you to stop wearing boring hair color and vamp up your look with the hottest shades.

If you have made up your mind to go for color changes you just need to be creative because you won’t have lack of inspiration. Here is another dose of inspiration for your coming makeover.

Chocolate_Brown_Hair_With_Blonde_HighlightsChocolate Brown Hair Colors


From great variety of 2013 hair colors I have chosen chocolate brown hair color that will never go out of the fashion. This rich pigmented and luxurious color will be suitable for any skin tone, eye color as well as any taste and preference.

Pastel Hair Colors 2013

2013 hair color trends are all about versatility with lots of dazzling and innovative colors for true fashionistas. Recently pastel tones are more and more often seen on the catwalk and not only and are already included in the list of 2o13 color trends.

tumblr_lutg9vP0UA1qapakxo1_500Pastel Hair Colors 2013

Pastel hair color looks both sweet and dramatic and such contrastive features make those shades trendy and oh so popular among millions of girls. If you are the lover of alternative styles you will surely love all those examples of pastel hair colors for 2013. Do not waste your time and find out which is the easiest way to jazz up your look.

2013 Fall Highlights for Brunette Hair


Brunette hair color still remains one of dominating shades and it will never go out of the fashion because of many reasons. First reason why brunette hair color is so popular is natural and elegant look. Many women try to stay away from bright and bold colors that demand much time and maintenance. Meanwhile brunette hair color looks stylish and really sexy.

2013 Fall Highlights for Brunette Hairbrunette hair


2013 trends offer to be creative and think bolder. If you have brunette hair and you want to update your image without going for dramatic changes, I have great idea for you. Here are some of the newest and hottest hair highlights ideas for brunettes that will brighten up your look in a flash.

2013 Runway Hair Colors

Fashion shows are all about dramatic hairstyles and sometimes these styles go beyond my imagination. Such nontraditional design is not suitable for casual occasions but I should admit that those futuristic hairstyles have their unique place in hair trend.

2013 runway hair colors

dip dye hair color

dramatic hair color bold dip-dye-hairstyle

I have not once shared my ideas about runway hairstyles and I really liked experimenting with them. At this time I want to show you some dazzling hair colors ideas from latest runway shows that are really hot and daring. Most designs have already became trend for new season so it will be right decision to get a dose of inspiration from these examples of 2013 runway hair colors.

Hair Color Trends 2013

Change your tone or shade your tresses with a bold color to complete your season transformation. The creative hair color trends 2013 provide you with a collection of artsy looks you can get with the help of a professional.

This season’s hair colors are too flexible and beneficent. Women who are keen on injecting warmth into their tresses will have the advantage to try a selection of golden blonde and brunette colors. On the contrast women who wish to have a dramatic change   in their look have the chance to select their favorite bold and bright hues.

Hair color 2013

short haircut in red hair

red hair color 2013

hair colour for 2013

The imaginative hair color trends 2013 shown here provide you with several revolutionary hair designs which give confidence and glamour. Maintain the spotless condition of your tresses by preparing your locks to the coloring. To keep your hair curly, use special conditioning treatments. Let your new color show off your fashionable attitude to the hottest hair trends.

2013 Hair Colors: Blonde vs Black

2013 hair color trends represent a dazzling mixture of contrasts and the lover of alternative hairstyle will surely combine bold colors. Multi tonal hairstyles are not innovations but let me show you some of the hottest color combinations that will turn even the most boring and casual hairstyle into a real piece of art.

There are zillion color combinations that you can go for but the combination of blonde and black will look just fantastic. The reason why I have chosen these colors is that they always compete with each other. Blonde looks fairy and glamorous while black looks mysterious and sexy so why not to combine these features and become the owner of the most seductive image of 2013.

2013 hair color trends edgy hair colors

mutli tonal hair color 2013 hair highlights

Combination of blonde and black can look both bold and elegant. You just need to determine the image you want to create and then get some inspiration from below shown examples. Thanks to modern hair coloring techniques hair gurus have created myriad styles of hair highlights. Depending on your haircut you can opt for dip dyeing, paneling, chunky highlighting and many other creative designs so let’s start from the beginning.