2013 Hairstyles for Men

Male Shag Hairstyles 2013

Hairstyles 2013 are so stylish and fashionable that when talking about new season hairstyles trends I can say only one word ‘versatility’. I love talking about hairstyles for women, but let’s not forget about male fashion and male hairstyles. From numerous haircuts and hairstyles I have chosen male shag hairstyle 2013 because it reflects all features of 2013 hair trend.

Male Shag Hairstyles 2013 Curly-Shag-Hairstyle

The reason why shag haircut is so popular is that it is suitable for all hair lengths, textures, face shapes, ages and personalities. This is the main reason why this style is oh so beloved by celebs and you can see numerous styles on the red carpet and get a dose of inspiration.

Male Undercut Hairstyles 2013

Past season hairstyles trends were versatile full of dramatic and quite elegant styles and this concerns to hairstyles for both men and women. Another great thing about past season haircuts is that most of them were inspired from classy retro haircuts. The tendency of retro styles continued in 2013 and many retro haircuts made huge comeback in modern hairstyles trends.

Male Undercut Hairstyles 2013Male Undercut Hairstyles

As we began talking about retro hairstyles, let’s check out several classy male hairstyles that have survived the decades. The most popular retro hairstyle for men is undercut that has been upgraded with modern details and today stylists offer numerous stylish and funky undercut hairstyles for fashionable men.

Male Curly Hairstyles

Often men with natural curly hair wear short crop cut hair so that funky curls are not seen. Still, latest hairstyles trends 2013 include numerous curly hairstyles that look really stylish. Such style requires minimal styling skills and hair care routine so if you liked the idea of wearing your hair naturally, take a look at these pictures of male curly hairstyles and choose the most suitable hair length for you.

short_curly hairstyle for boys

short_curly hairstyle

Natural curls tend to get dry and frizzy so before thinking about new haircut you’d better learn few hair care tricks to have healthy crops. First of all use hydrating shampoo to provide hair with necessary moisture.

The most popular haircut is short curly style as it is of low maintenance and suitable for any face shape. It can be layered or blunt cut style depending on hair type. In order to create polished look simply wash hair and towel dry. Then apply tiny amount of texturizer and style with fingers.

Trendy Haircuts for Men

Give definition and modern vibe to your hair with the following trendy haircuts for men. Feel free to experiment one of the hottest hairstyles of new season that is all about texture and style. You will have unique chance to boost your confidence with smashing haircut. Male hairstyles are already beyond simple buzz cut styles. Most of them are medium length with choppy or asymmetric layers so grow out your hair and copy one of these trendy haircuts.

Men HaircutsMen Haircuts 2013

trendy hairstyles for menMen Haircuts03

New season haircuts will give you a chance to experiment with various styles and transform your haircut from polished elegant design to more relaxed tousled hairstyle. The below shown examples will be suitable for all face shapes and hair textures so look through these styles and get ready for transformation.

2013 Layered Mens Hairstyles

These layered men’s hairstyles for 2013 are some of the hottest designs of coming season so take a sneak peek at the following pics and inspire yourself for next re-style.

Latest hairstyles trends include longer cuts with layers that are all about texture and versatility. In order to create trendy haircut keep hair a bit longer and add choppy layers. Layered haircut will not only challenge your sculpting skills but will also help you to get rid of bulky texture. Medium layered haircut is A style for coming season so grow out hair and ask professional hairdresser to grant you with the hottest design.

2013 Layered Mens HairstylesMen's hair for 2013

After you have got stylish layered haircut you can experiment with it wearing elegant polished hair and easily transform it to funky tousled one. For elegant and neat look pull hair to side or backcomb and fix it with styling gel. On the other hand, use texturizer to create tough and relaxed look. Simply apply the product on your crops and tousle them.

Men’s hairstyles for 2013

layered hairstyle for men

Men's short layered hairstylesHairstyles 2013 for men

If you think that medium layered style will not be suitable for you, you can opt for classy undercut that has been updated with modern details. Here the sides and back are cut shorter while the crown is left longer. Again, such haircut can be styled in numerous ways depending on the occasion.

Army Haircuts Ideas

Army haircut is great option for men of all ages and this is the reason why army haircut is the most frequently chosen style. Actually, army haircut is classy buzz cut style and it is named so because it is standard haircut in armed forces of US. There are several variations of popular army haircut that are chosen not only by soldiers and officers but also by celebs so you can get some inspiration from male celebrities who wear army haircut.

Army Haircuts trends 2012

The greatest advantage of army haircut is low maintenance. You will have nothing to do but wash hair and air dry. The only thing to keep in mind is that short cut style is more suitable for men with proportionate face and scalp shape.

First army haircut is high and tight style. This is popular variation of buzz cut where the sides and back are almost shaved while the crown area is left a bit longer. Such haircut will place the accent on your facial features.

buzz haircut 2013

Flat-top style is another popular army haircut that looks like high and tight cut. The only difference is that the sides are shaved off and and the top is longer.

Once you create army haircut,  you should always opt for hair trimming at least twice a month to keep haircut in perfect shape. As hair is short cut, it doesn’t need special hair care routine, just try to use high class hair care formulas that will provide you with healthy hair.

2013 Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Haircut has great impact on appearance and men like women choose new style with great care. If you are looking for new haircut, you can get inspiration from celebrities who are trendsetters and inspire millions of fans. These pictures of 2013 celebrity short haircuts will help you to find perfect style for you.

short haircuts for men 2013

Whether you are looking for elegant style or funky modern haircut, you will surely find the best one from great variety of available styles. You can also gets some inspiration  from the latest red carpet events that is all about trendy hairstyles.

First style to be mentioned is classy buzz cut that is oh so popular among celebs. Low maintenance of buzz cut style makes it the most frequently chosen haircut for men of all ages. The only thing to keep in mind is that such haircut will be suitable for men with oval face shape and proportionate scalp.

If you think that short buzz cut hairstyle will not be suitable for you, here is another celebrity haircut that is worth to be copied. Short haircut combined with choppy bang will really stylish. Furthermore, such style will be suitable for any face shape and hair texture. You can easily transform sleek polished style into funky tousled hairstyle with simple trick: just apply texturizer on palms and tousle hair with fingers.

2013 Lovely Hairstyles for Teens

Hairstyle has great impact when it comes to physical appearance that’s teen girls go crazy experimenting with zillion styles. From the infinite trendy hairstyles teens often choose wrong hairstyle not suitable for age. Having trendy haircut is not the only condition of looking attractive so if you want to update your styling skills or create brand new haircut, this post will be useful for you.

Students-hairstyles 2013

If you are the owner of super long hair, do not even think about chopping it off as long hairstyle will be perfect accessory for you. You just need to learn few simple tricks to deal with long hair. Go for instant makeover by adding blunt bang that will grab attention. Experiment with your long hair and create beautiful up-do styles and do not forget to complete it with cute hair accessory.

2013 Lovely Hairstyles for Teens

If you are looking for haircut that will highlight your strong individuality, you should definitely opt for layered medium haircut. Asymmetry is the best option to add edgy and funky twist to your haircut. Asymmetric layers combined with asymmetric bang will totally transform your look and make you a real trendsetter among your friends.