Funky Short Hairstyles & Hair Color

Short hairstyle will look even more jaw dropping when combined with dazzling hair color. If you are ready for total makeover, you should first consider new haircut and find the most flattering shade for it.

Thanks to modern haircutting and hair dyeing techniques you will be able to fulfil even the craziest idea. All you need to do is to get ready to break all the patterns and norms with your brand new do. Here are some funky short hairstyles and hair color ideas that will inspire you for your makeover.

funky short haircut and color

If you have chosen cute short bob haircut, you can complete it with natural color like brown or dark blonde that will be in harmony with your image. For bolder look you can opt for intense shade like fiery red or cool tones of blonde. The only thing to keep in mind is that the chosen hair color should be suitable for skin tone and eye color.

Trendy hair colors for short hair 01

If you have chosen sexy short pixie or super short crop cut hair, you will be offered great variety of vivid shades to spice up your look. More often short haircut is combined with blonde color. Actually this is the sexiest image of all times and you will surely stay in the limelight with similar do. Those who have got choppy layered pixie or asymmetric short haircut should definitely opt for multi tone hair color. Dip dyeing, chunky highlighting and paneling will be just perfect for short layered haircut.

platinum blonde short hair




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