Stylish Half Up-do Hairstyles

Long hairstyle can be amazing accessory for any girl and this is the reason why most women keep hair long. The greatest advantage of long hair is that it offers you numerous styling ideas to experiment with. Depending on your styling skills you can create simple and casual styles or more complicated up-do hairstyles for special occasions.

braided half updo


When talking about up-do hairstyles, I can mention zillion designs for any occasion like braids, twists, ponytail, cute ballerina bun, tousled top knot or any other pulled up hairstyle. If you want to show off your sexy long locks and at the same time open face, there is amazing option to go for. Yes, I am talking about half up-do.

There are myriad designs of half up-do from simple to more sophisticated. Here are some of the hottest half up-do hairstyles to inspire you.

More often half up-do is combined with twisted or braided strands. Braided half up-do will add boho vibe to your image. Such style will require minimal effort. Simply braid two sides, pull them back and secure with hair clip. The same steps should be done when styling twisted half up-do hairstyle. Just five minutes and your cute hairstyle will be ready, Furthermore, half up-do will become perfect lifesaver from bad hair days.

Sexy Short Haircuts with Bangs

Prep your locks for new season with brand new short haircut that will be a perfect solution for your beauty dilemma. In order to make short haircut even more versatile, you can complete it with simple detail like bang. Short haircut requires minimal styling options and simple hair care routine so if you are tired your long locks, get some inspiration from these sexy short haircuts with bangs.

short haircut with long bang

Short bob hairstyle with side bang

Pick your favorite design of short haircut that will boost your natural beauty and confidence. Going shorter will help you to get rid of split ends and deal with unmanageable hair. Such haircut can become perfect lifesaver for busy women who simply do not have time for hair styling. Inject some drama and versatility to your crops experimenting with numerous designs from polished sleek hair to glam waves and curls.

flipped bang hairstyle

tousled short hairstyle

From the great variety of short haircuts you will easily find the one that will suit your face shape. Ladies with oval face and feminine features can experiment with the boldest styles like short crop cut or asymmetric hairstyle. Those who want to make face look proportionate should stay away from short crop cut hair and opt for short style combined with bang. Actually bang hairstyle is the best option for all face shapes and hair textures. First of all decide whether you want to add soft lines to features or you would like to place the accent on your eyes, and then find the most flattering one from myriad of available styles.

2012 Celebrity Hairstyles from MTV VM Awards

Latest red carpet event was a luxurious parade of modern hairstyles and dresses and of course this event has become perfect inspiration for millions of women. Celebs represented all the hottest and trendiest styles at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards which took place at Staples Center in Los Angeles. If you want to upgrade your styling skills or you are looking for new haircuts, you can get some inspiration from this selection of 2012 celebrity hairstyles from MTV VM Awards.

miley cyrus hairstyle 2012 mtv vmas

pink hairstyles 2012 mtv vmas

alicia keys mtv vmas_2012

rihanna hairstyles

New season is a smashing mixture of modern and classy styles. Both short and super long hairstyles were noticed on the red carpet so there is no need to go for drastic changes in order to have red carpet worth look.

If you have shorter hair, you can copy Pink or Miley Cyrus‘ short punk hairstyle. Shaved sides combined with long bang will totally transform your casual style and make you stand out in a crowd. For less dramatic look you can recreate Rihanna’s short pixie style that is still popular and trendy.

2013 Short Haircuts Tendencies

Make a style statement with brand new short haircut that will boost your sexuality and confidence. New season hairstyles tendencies are all about bold and creative short hairstyles and the best way to be on trend is to become the owner of smashing short haircut. Pro hair stylist will analyze your facial features and help you to find the hottest hair design for coming makeover. Here are some of the most popular short haircuts for 2013 for your consideration.

Cute Short HairstylesShort Hairstyles

New Short HairstylesLayered Short Hairstyles

Become perfect inspiration for your friends with your sexy short haircut as short hair is new buzzword of coming season. Add unimaginable texture and versatility to your thin hair locks with choppy layered pixie. Find perfect length of hair and style of layers that will match your facial features and bring out your natural beauty. If you want to create an impression of proportionate face shape, you can opt for long bang hairstyle that will soften facial features.

Short hairShort Pixie haircut

Trendy Short HaircutBold Short haircut

For more elegant look you to turn to classy styles like short undercut style, short bob or elegant short pixie with graduated layers. All these styles will be suitable for ladies with oval face shape.

The best advantage of short haircut is low maintenance. This will be great option especially for business ladies. Simple styling steps will help you to create smashing look in less than five minutes. If you have straight hair you can simply pull hair to one side or create sexy slicked back style that is oh so popular recently. Ladies with wavy hair can use texturizer to create a bit tousled design.

Hair Glaze Treatment

Natural hair sheen can make your hairstyle real accessory and of course it is the first condition of having healthy hair. Proper hair care routine will surely provide you with healthy and glossy hair, but if you want to have head-turning look, you will need help. In this case hair glaze will come to rescue. If you know nothing about hair glazes and glosses this post will be very useful for you. Learn more about hair glaze treatment and pamper your look with shiny hair.

Tips for Glossy hair Tips for Glossy hair

More often hair gloss is confused with hair glaze but they are different products. Hair gloss lasts longer than hair glaze. Hair glaze is perfect option for colored hair, but lasts for two weeks so you should often go for touch ups. Nowadays there are zillion brands of hair glaze but when choosing one try to purchase hair glaze of high quality that will not damage hair.

2013 New Hair Colors

It is universal truth that new hair color can liven up even the most boring and dull hair in a flash. This brief gallery of 2013 new hair colors offer you to add sophistication and glamour to your hair.

If you have already got new haircut it is time to spice up your image with brand new hair color that will turn your hairstyle into a dazzling style statement. This post will help you to stay on trend with the newest hair colors as well as hair dyeing techniques. If you are one of those girls who do not like experimenting with vibrant shades, you can choose from these subtle tones that are natural yet so elegant and sexy.

blond hair colorblond hair color 2013

Blonde hair color

Lighten up your look with natural shade of blonde like golden, sandy or dirty blonde hair color. Go for block coloring or combine two and more shades of blonde to create magnetic look. Do not forget to use shampoo and color protective products for blonde hair in order to keep hairstyle in perfect condition.

Brunette hair color Brunette hair color 2013

Brunette hair color

If you want to stay away form dramatic changes, you can opt for brown or brunette hair color that will breathe life to your tresses and give them healthy look.

Brilliant Hair Highlights

Jazz up your locks with these brilliant hair highlights. Add fruity and joyful touch to worn-out hair and become trendsetter with your brand new style. Do not be afraid of dramatic changes as the buzzword of new season is versatility. The worst thing you could do is sticking in a same style for a long time. Be sure changes in image will soon bring to changes in your life. So look through these amazing examples of hair highlights and get ready for radical makeover.

This year you are totally free to experiment with any desired style and color. There are no rules and boundaries when it comes to hairstyles, the only thing you should do is to find design that will emphasize your personality.

Brilliant Hair HighlightsAesthetics hair color

Regardless of your hair length and haircut you can opt for various designs like chunky highlighting, dip dyeing, paneling and horizontal highlighting. All these styles are very popular this season. As we are talking about bold highlights, forget about subtle shades and consider only vibrant colors like red, purple, electric blue, orange, yellow, violet pink and many other neon colors that will spice up your look.

Red Hair HighlightsBold Hair Highlights

Brilliant hair highlights will inject some drama to your image. If you are the owner of gorgeous long hair, you can opt for dip dyeing or chunky highlighting. The color of highlights should be in contrast with the base tone. Thanks to wide palette of shades you will easily find the most flattering tone that will help you to create fantastic color combo.

2013 Hair Highlights Ideas

2013 hair highlights ideas offer you instant makeover for new season so if you are sick and tired of your worn-out locks, get ready for drastic makeover. Hair color has great impact on women’s image and this is the reason why they so often go for color changes. Thanks to vast range of available hues and color combinations you will be able to adopt any unimaginable and bold design so all you need is to be creative and ready for changes.

Bold Hair Highlights 05Bold Hair Color Ideas

Dark Hair Highlights Blonde Hair Color

New season will give you an opportunity to experiment with great variety of hair colors and color combinations and most of the styles are really bold. Block coloring is more suitable for subtle and natural tones, while for more dramatic and modern design you should choose hair highlighting.

Red is still the most popular highlight color that will create both edgy and glamorous look. Depending on the base tone you can choose more natural tones of red or you can go bolder and wear bloody or fiery red shades.

Bold Hair HighlightsHair highlights  02

Rainbow Hair highlightsMulti Tone Hair Color

Stylists have also created numerous designs of multi tone colors that include three and more shades. Rainbow highlighting is more suitable for girls with adventurer side. Multi tone hair coloring will be amazing complement to emo or punk hairstyles. If you are not ready for such drastic makeover you can use semi permanent hair color that will last about 3 weeks and will give you a chance to experiment with various shades without damaging hair.