Stylish Hair Colors for Winter 2013

Get ready for new season with new haircut and hair color to break the monotony. Sticking to a same shade for a long time can do a bad thing to for you. Therefore, it is time to change your natural tone and experiment with brand new shades.

Stylish Hair Color for Winter 2013

Draw some inspiration from these examples of stylish hair colors for winter 2013 that include warm and subtle tones to glam up your look. From great variety of available colors you will easily find the one that will satisfy all your criteria. 

Before going for changes you should consider skin tone and then try to find the most flattering shade for you. For natural and elegant look you should stay away from drastic changes and choose color that is two tones lighter or darker than the base tone. You can also go for vibrant hair highlights that will add flirty allure to your image.

Blonde hair color is again on the top of popularity. Stylists offer you to choose warmer and more natural shades of blonde for coming winter. Colors like golden, dirty, sandy blonde as well as those with lighter undertone of brown will look simply fantastic on any haircut. Furthermore, these colors are easier to maintain and will be suitable for any complexion. If you still shy away from drastic changes, you can opt for blonde highlights that will breathe life to your tresses and create an illusion of extra voluminous hair.

blonde hair color



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