Stylish Highlights for Brown Hair

Are you in need of instant makeover? If so, you can easily revitalize your locks with brand new hair color. Your brown hair will look even more dramatic when combined with highlights so take a look at these examples of stylish highlights for brown hair and pamper your look with dazzling color combo.

brunette hairstyles funky highlightsbrunette hair color

Subtle hair highlighting is meant to boost the volume of locks as well as add definition to hairstyle. There is no need to go for drastic changes to have eye catching look; just few tinted strands will break the monotony of brown hair.

There are infinite styles of highlights and colors to be combined with brown hair. I have put together trendy and popular styles of highlights that will surely inspire you.

Brown hair color looks simply fantastic with natural highlights. The contrast between tinted strands and the base tone should be barely seen so choose highlight color that is two tones lighter than natural hair.

Highlights ideas  for brunette hairHighlights ideas for brunette  hair

For more dramatic look you can opt for red hair highlighting that is oh so popular among true beauty bunnies. Red hair color is the new blonde and you will surely love your new image. Paneling or chunky highlighting will be more suitable for such bold color so place tinted strands on the upper layers and become real trendsetter among your friends.

Highlights ideasHighlights ideas for brunette hair

Those who like alternative hairstyles purple hair highlighting will be amazing option to complete edgy haircut. Short punk style will look even more dramatic with purple chunky highlights or rainbow highlighting.

Red Highlights for brown hairmulti-colored-highlights



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