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Brand new hair color is perfect alternative to breathe life to your tresses without changing haircut and this is the reason why women so often change hair color. Great variety of hair coloring products as well as hair dyeing techniques available nowadays will help you to find the most flattering shade for you. You just need to determine the image you want to create and get ready for beautiful makeover.

If you have already made up your mind to go for changes, you can either turn to pro colorist or color hair for your own. Pro colorist will of course provide you with perfect color and style but if you want to save some money, you can color hair at home.


Home hair coloring presupposes serious dangers so if you are not sure about your hair dyeing skills you’d better stay away from experimenting. Still, if you have decided to do it yourself, you can learn few basic rules and then color hair. Harsh chemicals of coloring product can make hair dry and frizzy so if you have damaged hair I advice you to avoid hair perm and opt for semi-permanent hair color that doesn’t include as much harmful ingredients.

natural hair color

perm for hair

Before coloring hair read the instruction on the package. In order to have perfect color wash hair two days before coloring. Thus, natural oils of skin will protect the roots. Hair color should be applied with great care. Keep it about 20 minutes and wash it off thoroughly until water is clear. If the result is not what you have expected, you can go for touch ups after two weeks.




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