Brown Hair Color with Highlights

Dark hair color looks simply fantastic both block colored or combined with highlights. Actually brown color is the most frequently chosen shade because it looks natural and is suitable for any complexion. Wide palette of brown shades include darker intense tones and lighter shades that are closer to blonde color. The variety of colors will give you a chance to find the most flattering tone for your complexion so all you need to do is to get ready for beautiful makeover.

Block colored brown hair will of course look smashing, but if you want to spice up your look with sexy allure, you should definitely opt for hair highlights. Latest hair dyeing techniques include amazing highlights styles that are meant to emphasize your individuality.

Brown hair color

Regardless of your haircut, hair highlighting will give brand new look to your image. This is perfect option for ladies who have natural dark hair and long for changes. Brown hair color can be combined with different shades of highlights from warmer to vibrant shades. If you still doubt which color to choose, you can get some inspiration from these ideas of brown hair color with highlights. 

Light Brown hair color

When choosing highlight color you should take into account the base tone. So if you have dark brown or brunette hair color you can add lighter shades of brown. As the color is meant to create natural style you can opt for thin highlights spread all over hair.

Natural Brown hair color

Ladies with light brown hair can experiment with blonde shades like golden, dirty or sandy blonde. In this case both panelling and chunky highlighting will look hot. Everything will depend on your taste and preference.

If you want to create bolder and modern look, you can complete brown hair color with vibrant shades or red. This style will look really hot and nontraditional so you should be a 100% sure that you will feel comfortable with such style.

Another popular style of highlighting that is oh so popular among celebs is lowlights. In this style the roots are left darker while the edges are bleached two or three tones. If you have lighter hair color, you can color the roots dark and leave the edges untouched.

Brown hair color with highlights

Smashing brown hair with highlights

Brown hair with highlights

sexy brown hair color

Brown hair and highlights



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