Modern Bowl Cut Hairstyles

Retro style has made a huge comeback, stylists began to use retro details in everything be it hairstyle, makeup or fashion. I think that it is great because nothing new can be as hot and elegant as retro style.

Retro hairstyles are of great popularity. Celebs often choose retro styles for different red carpet events and you can see them rocking the red carpet with retro styles. Retro design is easy to create on both long and short haircut. Finger and Marcel waves are main details of retro style but there is one more style that is still popular and every year it is upgraded with modern twists. Yes, I am talking about bowl cut style and new variations of bowl cut that will keep you up to date.

2013 Bowl CutsBowl Cuts

Bowl Cuts 2013Modern bowl cut hairstyle

Classy bowl cut hairstyle is short blunt cut style with shorter crops at nape. Such haircut is a bit capricious and doesn’t suit every face shape. Blunt haircut will be more suitable for oval face shape and soft lines. Still, there many variations of bowl cut style and you will surely find the best one for you. Look through these examples of modern bowl cut hairstyles and inspire yourself for beautiful makeover.

Classy bowl cut hairstyle is styled sleek but more fashionable examples of bowl cut are styled a bit tousled. If you have curly hair you can use high class flat iron and straightening serum for that poker straight hair.

2013 new Bowl CutsBowl Cut style

Edgy Bowl CutsElegant Bowl Cut 2013

New designs of bowl cut also include asymmetric styles that are meant to emphasize your strong individuality. Here the sides and back is short cut or almost shaved while the crown area is kept long. Such haircut will be incomplete without vibrant hair color so choose asymmetric haircut and bright color for smashing look.



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