Pros & Cons of Hair Perm

Having fabulous curls with minimal effort seems like a dream for ladies with poker straight hair. It can be rather exhausting spending hours by the mirror with a curling iron. However, there is perfect solution that will set you free from daily struggle with straight hair. Hair perm is a perfect lifesaver for busy women who simply do not have time to style curls with iron or rollers. Permed hair will provide you with desired tight curls for six months.

Those who are not aware of what hair perm is should first consult with pro hairdresser and then go for changes. Hair perm is a chemical process that can be really harmful for  hair. In case you have dry and frizzy locks, you should first of all take care of them otherwise hair perm can become serious hair disaster for you.

Still, if you wish to have angelic curls and you have already turned to hair perm, you should learn few hair care tips that will help you to deal with permed hair.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid washing hair for two days after having hair perm. Next, try to find shampoo and conditioner for permed hair. The greatest problem of curly hair is frizzy effect and in order to  prevent hair from frizzy effect you should know proper way of hair drying. Air drying is the best option to make your hair look glossy and silky.

Hair styling products with alcohol can also make your hair look frizzy and dull so try to avoid using them or at least try to find high class products with less amount of alcohol.



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