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Stunning Long Hairstyles

The main problem of long hair is that it can soon become boring and rather casual. The best way to have stylish and elegant look is to wear different styles. This selection of stunning long hairstyles will help you to keep long hair versatile.

If you are in need of instant makeover, you can opt for simple yet modern details like layering or bang. Take your styling skills to next level and do not shy away from experimenting with new designs.

Long hair style 20132013 Long Hairstyles

Long Glam Hairstyles 2013Stunning Long hairstyles 2013

Turn your long hair into smashing accessory with loose curly or wavy hairstyle. Leave romantic curls cascade down on your shoulders and feel the immediate makeover of your casual look. Do not forget to complete your styling kit with all necessary tools like curling iron, hot rollers and tong. Curly hair can be worn loose or side swept for seductive look. Beauty bunnies from Celebville often appear on the red carpet wearing sexy side swept hairstyle. In order to create similar look you just need to pull hair to one side and secure with hair clip.

2013 Curly Hairstyles Trends

Natural curly hair is of high maintenance and sometimes even unmanageable that’s why most women with natural curly hair try to straighten hair. Thanks to zillion hair care products as well as styling tricks you will be able to make the most of your curly hair.

Women who have poker straight hair try to create angelic tight curls so if you are blessed with natural curly hair, learn few basic rules to style it.

Curly Hairstyles

Natural curls are often dry and frizzy and the best trick to get rid of frizzy hair is deep conditioning. Keep on hand moisturizing cream or mask and use it in a daily basis. Regular trimming will keep hair in perfect shape so go for trimming at least once a month. Once you have learnt proper hair care steps you can go on creating smashing styles. These examples of 2013 curly hairstyles will inspire you to have the hottest look for coming season.

2013 curly hairstylescurly hairstyles for 2013

Curly hair will look cute on any hair length. Short curly hairstyle looks funky and girlish. The only thing to keep in mind is that short curly hair will not be suitable for round face shape. Keep your hair shoulder length and experiment with numerous styles from tight fluffy curls or more elegant loose waves.

Trendy Long Layered Hairstyles

Inject versatility and definition into your cascading locks and enjoy all the benefits of long layered hairstyles. Layering is such a wonderful option that will help you to get rid of dull locks and unmanageable hair. Play up your femininity with one of these trendy long layered hairstyles and turn your hairstyle into real accessory.

hair style long

cool long layered hairstyles


long layerslong layered hairstyles golden blonde

Stay on trend with latest hair styling techniques that are all about glamour and sexuality. Tapered hairstyle will add natural movement and extra volume to thin hair. Graduated style will be a perfect match for any face shape. Soft layers will have face framing effect so place chin length layers on the front part and make your features even more feminine. 

2013 Layered Mens Hairstyles

These layered men’s hairstyles for 2013 are some of the hottest designs of coming season so take a sneak peek at the following pics and inspire yourself for next re-style.

Latest hairstyles trends include longer cuts with layers that are all about texture and versatility. In order to create trendy haircut keep hair a bit longer and add choppy layers. Layered haircut will not only challenge your sculpting skills but will also help you to get rid of bulky texture. Medium layered haircut is A style for coming season so grow out hair and ask professional hairdresser to grant you with the hottest design.

2013 Layered Mens HairstylesMen's hair for 2013

After you have got stylish layered haircut you can experiment with it wearing elegant polished hair and easily transform it to funky tousled one. For elegant and neat look pull hair to side or backcomb and fix it with styling gel. On the other hand, use texturizer to create tough and relaxed look. Simply apply the product on your crops and tousle them.

Men’s hairstyles for 2013

layered hairstyle for men

Men's short layered hairstylesHairstyles 2013 for men

If you think that medium layered style will not be suitable for you, you can opt for classy undercut that has been updated with modern details. Here the sides and back are cut shorter while the crown is left longer. Again, such haircut can be styled in numerous ways depending on the occasion.

Trendy Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

Long hairstyle is the most convenient choice for ladies with round face shape. The only thing to be done is to learn few basic rules that will make round face shape look slimmer. Here are some amazing ideas of trendy long styles for round faces so if you want to update your styling skills to have brand new look, check out these pictures and get ready for makeover.

Hairstyles for round faceslong hairstyles for round faces

Round face shape can be easily recognized: the length and width of face is almost similar and angles are soft. Round face shape can be very accentuated when wrong haircut is chosen so it is utterly important to choose suitable style that will place the accent on eyes instead of cheekbones.

Short haircut is the one that should be avoided by women with round faces as short crop cut hair opens face and accentuates cheeks. Medium haircut is great option for round face shape as it will reduce the width of cheeks and create an illusion of oval face shape. Still long hairstyle remains the best option that will not only make your face look slimmer but will also arm you up with numerous styling options to experiment with.

trendy long hairstyles for round facelong hair for round face

Long sleek hair will have gorgeous face framing effect. If you have got blunt cut long hair, style it sleek with flat iron and wear loose for show stopping look. On the other hand, if you long for versatility, you can add few graduated layers. The length of layers should be below the chin so that hairstyle will not open your cheeks. 

New Bob Hairstyles for 2013

Bob haircut is a guarantee to have stylish and attractive look and this is the reason why classy bob haircut continues to be A style of this season. Next year too bob haircut is going to be on the top of popularity so if you want to pamper your look for coming season, you should definitely opt for bob haircut.

Bob haircuts 2013Bob hairstyles 2013

2013 Bob haircutsTrendy Bob haircuts 2013

The great versatility of bob haircuts makes this style salon favorite. Amazing length of bob can benefit all face shapes. Whether you have round or square face shape bob haircut will soften the features and make your face more feminine.

These examples of new bob hairstyles for 2013 look absolutely fantastic and are completed with modern details like asymmetric layers, sharp lines and blunt bangs.

One of the most functional and frequently chosen style is layered bob haircut that will satisfy any criterion. If you want to create neat texture and fine angles you can opt for graduated bob haircut. Graduation will be secret weapon to say goodbye to bulky texture and dull hairstyles.

Blunt cut bob will surely draw attention to your eyes and make your glimpse even more mysterious. Blunt bob is more often completed with blunt bang that will frame your face. Such hairstyle will look best when styled sleek so keep on hand high class flat iron and hair straightener to reach desired result.

Sleek Bob haircuts 2013Blunt Bob haircuts 2013


Trendy Layered Bob Hairstyles

Kiss goodbye to spit ends and lifeless locks by creating one of these trendy layered bob hairstyles. Use soft layering as secret weapon to have show stopping look. This brief gallery bob haircuts will surely inspire you to get rid of your casual hairstyle and glam up your look for coming season.

layered bob hairstyles 2013

If you are sick and tired of blending in the crowd you should definitely opt for the hottest haircut of this season. Medium length hair will give you a chance to experiment with your bob and each time create smashing look. The greatest thing about bob haircut is that it is perfectly suitable for all face shapes while layering will make the most of your tresses and give them magnificent look.

trendy layered bob hairstyles

Layered hairstyle can become statement accessory when styled in a proper way so update your styling skills by stealing few simple styling secrets from hair gurus. Add asymmetry to your classy haircut for bolder look or combine choppy layered bob with asymmetric bang for funky look. 

2013 Flirty Long Hairstyles

Give your gorgeous long tresses instant glamour with 2013 flirty long hairstyles ideas. Add modern twist to long hair with few creative styling ideas. Complete casual hairstyle with stylish bang or layers to make a style statement with your brand new do.

Long hairstyles trends

Long hairstyle can become perfect accessory if styled in a proper way. Do not stuck in a rut with the same hairstyle: experiment with different sexy and cute styles that will keep you in the limelight. This amazing selection of 2013 flirty long hairstyles will guide you to a beautiful makeover.

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