Casual Hairstyles

Casual Hairstyles 2013

2013 is going to be the year of naturalness. I mean no more complicated hairstyles that sometimes look grotesque. Casual and natural hairstyle 2013 will add elegance and femininity and no other sophisticated style can make you look more attractive than relaxed hairstyle.

When I say casual hairstyle, I don’t mean untidy and dull hair. You should always take care of your tresses by providing them with necessary moisture. Homemade recipes are very effective and can help you to deal with hair disasters like frizzy hair or split ends. Well, I think you will learn how to take care of hair; it’s time to check out casual hairstyles 2013 and play up your femininity with these cute designs.

braided_hair 2013

2013 braided hairstyle


There are many casual hairstyles 2013 that will provide you with natural and relaxed look but the most popular one is braided hairstyle. I have not once mentioned braided hairstyles in different posts and again, braids are placed on the top of popularity. Meet 2013 year with sexy side milkmaid braid or braided ponytail that will complete the image of lady vamp. There are zillion styles of braids and which one to choose is up to you.

Casual Up-do Hairstyles

If you have run out of any styling ideas on how to look elegant and attractive, check out these pictures of casual up-do hairstyles. Few simple styling secrets will help you have picture perfect look without any professional styling skills.

Whether you are looking for formal hairstyle or casual up-do, you will find perfect match from the  shown below examples.

Pulled Up HairstylesPulled Up Hairstyles 2013

Pulled Up Hairstyles bun hairstyles

Simple ballerina bun and top knot are the most popular and frequently chosen styles by women all over the world. This year casual up-dos are more relaxed so even if you cannot manage to create neat style, do not worry, your messy up-do will radiate urban glamour and style.

Braided up-do is perfect option for any event. Such style will bring out your femininity. Thanks to numerous plaiting techniques you will be able to create any style. Again, messy braided design will look more stylish and fabulous. You can experiment with messy side braid, braided ponytail, braided bun up-do and many other braided hairstyles that will suit your face shape.

Celebrity Lovely Up-do Hairstyles

If you are searching for something stylish and elegant, you can get some inspiration from celebs who always look so attractive and feminine. The image of Hollywood diva can be easily copied with the help of professional styling tools and few styling secrets presented below. If you are in need of some inspiration, check out these pictures of celebrity lovely up-do styles and pick the best one for makeover.

Elegant Pulled up UpdosCelebrity up-do hairstyle

classy up-do hairstylecelebrity hairstyles

Get ready to capture everyone’s heart with glamorous up-do hairstyle that will enhance your natural beauty. Learn simple tricks from beauty bunnies on how to stand out from the crowd with simple hairstyle. Forget about complicated up-do hairstyles that sometimes look rather eccentric, go for relaxed and elegant up-dos that will look really breathtaking.

Most Popular Summer Hairstyles

When we say summer hairstyle we mean fresh, simple and playful design. Summer hairstyle will make you feel comfortable on hot weather. There are numerous styles suitable for summer, but if you want to have attractive look with minimal effort, I have put together the most popular summer hairstyles to inspire you.

There is no need to wear sophisticated hairstyle that is of high maintenance; simple up-do hairstyles will look more feminine and elegant so leave behind complicated styles and go glam with casual designs.

side braid hairstyle simple hairstyles

summer long hair summer hair trends

This summer catwalk as well as red carpet was all about messy and relaxed wavy hairstyles. Such “just out of bed” design is the easiest way to have glamorous and girlish look. Tousled hair doesn’t mean untidy and lifeless. Use moisturizing cream and shine serum to give hair natural sheen and silky touch.

 summer curly hairstylessummer up-do hairstyles

Another popular summer hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd is messy side braid. Messy French braid, fishtail braid or any other style of braid will look outstanding. If you want to show off long tresses, you can wear braided bang style. The rest of hair can be styled wavy or left sleek.

Easy Up-do Hairstyles

Easy up-do hairstyle will help you to look elegant and attractive without making too much effort. Actually this is great for all women and especially for those who cannot devote much time on hair styling. Up-do hairstyle is not only elegant and trendy, but it is also very comfortable to wear so take your stiling skills to next level with these examples of easy up-do hairstyles and recreate the most beloved one.

casual ponytail hairstylecasual hairstyle

First thing to be said is that hairstyle should be perfectly suitable for you. I mean, you should take into consideration your facial features as well as lifestyle when choosing hairstyle for you. There are infinite styles of up-dos both simple and sophisticated, you can just search the web where you will find desired style.

Easy up-do hairstyle will bring out your natural beauty and at the same time conceal little flaws. Due to the fact that hairstyles trends change every season, I have put together all the latest up-do hairstyles to inspire you.

updo casualupdo

Loose up-do hairstyle is fabulous option for any occasion. You can easily create loose bun, top knot or creative chignon. The best thing about loose up-do is that it can be created on any hair texture. In order to create loose up-do you will need elastic band and few bobby pins.

Another smashing up-do style that is easy-to-do yet so hot and sexy is messy up-do. Messy bun or ponytail is absolutely fabulous design that will complete any outfit. Messy ponytail hairstyle is also very popular and stylish.

Megan Fox Hairstyles

megan-fox-hairstyles-long-wavymegan fox updo hairstyle

Megan Fox ponytail Hairmegan fox long ayered hairstyle

Celebrity Ponytail Hairstyles

Nothing can be more sexual than wearing cute ponytail hairstyle. Learn how to create effortlessly chic and glamorous ponytail hairstyle that will be amazing complement to any occasion. If you want to create elegant style without spending hours by the mirror, ponytail hairstyle will be perfect match for you. There are infinite ways to create ponytail but if you want to have show stopping look you should definitely get some inspiration from celebs who rock the hottest hairstyles. Here are some examples of celebrity ponytail hairstyles that will be show you how to boost your sexuality.


Depending on the image you want to create you can opt for sleek high ponytail or more relaxed styles. For formal look you can wear sleek ponytail that is very popular among celebs and you can often see them wearing straight ponytail hairstyles on different red carpet events.


An ultra-hot look can be achieved by wearing messy ponytail that is A style of this season. Such style is not only easy to do, but suits all occasions from casual to formal. If you have wavy or curly hair, keep it wavy and tie hair at the nape. Do not try to create tight tail and leave strands loose on the front to make your hairstyle even more glamorous. 

Selena Gomez Popular Hairstyles

Selena Gomez is may be the most popular and beloved teen star among girls and boys. She inspires millions of her fans and they copy her every new image. Her unique beauty is completed with ultra-hot hairstyle that makes her even more attractive. Selena Gomez  is one of celebs who stay away from dramatic changes. She wears shoulder length brunette hair that is in perfect harmony with her skin tone and eyes.


Most of her hairstyles are easy-to-do and can be recreated for your own. So if you liked the idea of having red carpet worth look just take curling iron and keep on reading this post to find out how to recreate Selena Gomez popular hairstyle.