Black Hairstyles

2013 Hair Colors: Blonde vs Black

2013 hair color trends represent a dazzling mixture of contrasts and the lover of alternative hairstyle will surely combine bold colors. Multi tonal hairstyles are not innovations but let me show you some of the hottest color combinations that will turn even the most boring and casual hairstyle into a real piece of art.

There are zillion color combinations that you can go for but the combination of blonde and black will look just fantastic. The reason why I have chosen these colors is that they always compete with each other. Blonde looks fairy and glamorous while black looks mysterious and sexy so why not to combine these features and become the owner of the most seductive image of 2013.

2013 hair color trends edgy hair colors

mutli tonal hair color 2013 hair highlights

Combination of blonde and black can look both bold and elegant. You just need to determine the image you want to create and then get some inspiration from below shown examples. Thanks to modern hair coloring techniques hair gurus have created myriad styles of hair highlights. Depending on your haircut you can opt for dip dyeing, paneling, chunky highlighting and many other creative designs so let’s start from the beginning.

Modern Up-do Hairstyles

Modern up-do hairstyle will make you look stylish and attractive on any occasion. There are zillion up-do hairstyles with modern twists so do not waste your time and check out some of the modern up-do hairstyles ideas.

Modern hairstyles are meant to accentuate your elegance and femininity and at the same time add modern touch to your image. These up-do hairstyles are more about creative details and twists so make sure you will feel comfortable wearing such style.

Updo hairstyle for long hairhigh bun up-do

The best thing about modern up-do hairstyles is that they can be styled on any hair texture. Different creative styles of quiff, twists and chignons can be easily created so take a sneak peek at these beautiful up-do hairstyles and practice your skills to copy the most beloved one.

Black updo hairstylesHigh Updo Hairstyle

Voluminous hairstyles are of great popularity this year and you can also make style statement with your up-do. No matter which style you choose, try to create extra voluminous up-do like high bun, voluminous beehive bun or braided up-do. If you have thin hair, you should first tease hair on the crown area and then go on styling up-do. Different styles of hair sponges will also help you to create voluminous style.

Formal Black Hairstyles

Main function of formal hairstyle is to complete formal outfit and play up woman’s elegance this is why stylists have created zillion formal designs suitable for any hair length, hair texture and taste.

Formal black hairstyles are the same as any other formal hairstyles, the only difference is strong and coarse texture of afro hair. Nowadays there are numerous hair styling products as well as styling tools that will help you to deal with even the most unmanageable hair.

African hair updosafrican american hairstyles

Before thinking about formal hairstyle you’d better learn few basic rules to take care of afro hair. Deep conditioning and moisturizing are the most efficient steps to have smooth and silky hair. Once you learn simple styling and hair care steps you will be able to create any formal design with minimal effort.

Gorgeous black hair can become smashing accessory if styled in a proper way so keep on hand high class straightening cream, flat iron, some hair accessories and get ready for beautiful makeover.

Most black women love to have sleek hair and flat iron comes to rescue. In order to protect hair from damage do not forget to apply heat protective serum and then go on styling hair.

african american wavy hairstylesafrican american updo hairstyles

Black Hair Care Tips

Natural black hair is rather coarse and thick and it can be tricky to deal with afro hair. Black women often face problems when styling hair but I must say that there are numerous tricks to deal with natural black hair with minimal effort. If you still spend hours by the mirror trying to style unruly hair, check out black hair care tips that will help you to create soft and silky tresses.

Black hair curly

Natural texture of afro hair is curly and is often frizzy, however wrong hair care routine as well as hair styling can make the things worse, so start by learning how to wash hair. Women think that frequent washing is right but it is totally wrong. Every time you wash off oils protecting scalp thus making hair dry, so you’d better wash hair twice a week with hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

Black Hair Care Tips

Elegant Black Hairstyles Ideas

Black hairstyles are different because of unique texture of afro hair. Dry and coarse hair requires special hair care and styling options and it is utterly important to know few basic rules in order to maintain black hair.

Thanks great variety of high class styling tools and products black women are now able to adopt any hairstyle be it super sleek or elegant wavy hairstyle. If you also want to break the monotony and experiment with different images, take a look at these elegant black hairstyles and practice your skills to recreate the most beloved one.

Hairstyles for black women

Recently most African American celebs were seen wearing natural tight and fluffy curls. This is great because such natural and youthful hairstyle looks so cute and feminine. Tight curly hairstyle will be suitable for medium and long hair so wear curly hairstyle every time you want to highlight your femininity. In order to have smashing look you can use shine serum for healthy gloss.

black women long curly hairstyle

Stylish African American Hairstyles

African American hair is dry and frizzy that’s why black women often face problems when styling hair. However, thanks to numerous high class hair styling tools and products one can recreate any desired style on any hair texture.

Black women braided hairstyle

If you also have frizzy hair that is hard to maintain you should first of all keep on hand smoothing cream or serum and include deep conditioning into your hair care routine. Hot oil treatment is another important factor of having glossy and silky hair so never neglect the usage of natural products.

African American straight hairstyle

Once you learn proper hair care tips you will be able to copy any unimaginable hairstyle be it super sleek loose style or complicated up-do. Here is amazing selection of stylish African American hairstyles that will surely inspire you for beautiful makeover.